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Here at Hillsgrove Machine Inc., we specialize in CNC milling and turning of a wide variety of metals and plastics.

We offer outstanding quality, competitive pricing and know the importance of on time deliveries. Our dedicated and friendly staff of professionals will work hard to meet all your machining needs.

We are committed to quality work, with a cost effective, leading edge approach, which has helped to build our reputation as a reliable and hard working company. We save our customers time and money by offering our expertise with better design and production decisions.

There are no quantities too small or too large, from a prototype idea to large production jobs.

Our fully staffed, highly qualified inspection department allows us to deliver unsurpassed quality control standards with detailed inspection reports to ensure nothing is overlooked on our final products.




We can answer all your questions and we make it as easy as possible to do business with us.







CNC Milling

CNC milling is a specific form of computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining. Milling itself is a machining process similar to both drilling and cutting, and able to achieve many of the operations performed by cutting and drilling machines. Like drilling, milling uses a rotating cylindrical cutting tool.

CNC Turning

This operation is one of the most basic machining processes. That is, the part is rotated while a single point cutting tool is moved parallel to the axis of rotation. Turning can be done on the external surface of the part as well as internally (boring).


Our facilities have state of the art equipment to better provide hi quality products and services. We are constantly training and learning the modern techniques necessary to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our serene setting is in beautiful Alton.

Quality Control

We employ a system of maintaining standards in manufactured products by testing a sample of the output against the specification provided by the customer. These standars do not vary and always conform to the strict tolerances that have been established.


Our facility located in beautiful Alton, NH